Feed the Homeless in January

January 19, 2019
The youth will assemble sandwiches. Each youth group member needs to bring at least 50 individually wrapped snacks.  For example: granola bars, chips, cookies, fruit snacks, muffins.  Anything individually wrapped will work.  They have been feeding between 250-300.  If you desire and are able, more the 50 snacks would be appreciated.


Meet at 5:30pm at Newman
Planning on heading out to the shelter at 7:00pm.
We will be done by 8:30pm-9:00pm.
For safety, We go in together and leave together.
If you need to carpool find someone that lives near you.  The shelter is Called the Emergency Winter Shelter, located near Double Eagle Airport off Paseo Del Volcan. West Side Albuquerque.


They shelter is very appreciative of us feeding the homeless.

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