Sept/Oct 2019 – Trent Horn, B&B and Fiestas!

We’re hitting the ground running! Our summer was eventful and I’m looking forward to making some more HAPPY memories with you all! Check out the google calendar for specific times.

First, join us for the Trent Horn talk!

Please check your email for ticket details.

BEFORE THE TALK, stop by Flying Star on Wyoming and Paseo before this for a drop in social. Plan on about 11-noon and then I’ll be heading over to Prince of Peace. Have a huge meal or just tea.

BE AT PRINCE OF PEACE at 12:30pm to get your tickets and to find seating.

Bread and Blessings Weekend

Bread and Blessings:  On Saturday, Sept 21, the youth group will meet after Mass at the Newman Center.  Because the kitchen remodel is not quite done yet, please bring 2 dozen baked cookies, preferably homemade.  At the meeting, we will package all the cookies in bags of 2-3 each for the guests at Bread and Blessings, have a meal, share a gospel reflection, and enjoy the evening with each other.  Time: 5:30-7:30pm. 

On Sunday, Sept 22, we will meet at Newman at 11:00am, then caravan to Immaculate Conception downtown to join the Bread and Blessings project serving the homeless a meal. We will be done at 2:30.  If you come to the 9:00 Mass, many of us walk to Golden Pride for a breakfast burrito before heading to Bread and Blessings. 

Parents:  Natalie and Kylene will be bringing a meal for the youth on Saturday evening.  If you would like to bring something, such as drinks, please text/email/call Kylene.


Oct 5 we will help clean up the parish for Fiestas. Oct 13 is the Sunday of Fiestas and the youth group will run the games. Here’s the general schedule:


3-4:30 Outside clean up, weeding, etc.
4:30-5:30 Mass
5:30-615ish Dinner (please bring sides, beverages, desserts to compliment pizza)
Work on auditorium mopping and clean up until 7:30


Halloween Party and Youth Conference

See calendar for details for October 25th event. The youth conference is the 26th and participants will receive emails regarding plans.

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