January Service Project and Upcoming Conferences

January Service Project

We will start our year off with volunteering at The Children’s Grief Center (“Center”) on Saturday, January 18th at 3:00pm. We will help the Center with whatever they need and will be there until about 4:15pm. The Center is located at 3001 Trellis NW 87107.Trellis is the last street just before the Nature Center off of Candelaria/ west of Rio Grande.Turn left on Trellis and you’ll see a purple wall on your right.  You will need to park there on the street. There is a white door in the purple wall which will be propped open so we can go in. 

We will then head over to Newman Center as mass begins at 4:30pm. After mass we will have short meeting so that we can learn more about the exciting Summer Trip to Sacramento, NM we have planned. After the meeting, those who would like some food can head over to Saggio’s.

Please let Maria know if you plan on attending our January event.

Upcoming Conferences

Fr. Graham has offered to pay for any kids who want to attend the Sanctus conference Jan 31-Feb 2.  This looks to be a really good conference.  IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND ALL DAY,  we still need folks to help work the Youth Warriors table to help with fundraising.  And Christella needs me to get numbers together on this.  See more about the conference here:
**We also need cinnamon roll coverage this weekend, so we need all hands on several decks.**

We also need people to work a table at the Feb 14-15 conference.  Again, this is part of the fundraising we need to do for the summer trip.  I’m still working on what kind of time slots we will need covered

PLEASE FILL IN WHAT YOU CAN HERE so Christella can work on registration numbers or vendor passes for us:

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